Draft for Roller Coaster

In this assignment we will be making a roller coaster to show how the low of conservation works. We will be demonstrating potential, kinetic, and mechanical energy. Potential energy is energy that has not occurred yet but most definitely will. Kinetic energy is energy that is currently moving. Mechanical Energy is a combination of both potential energy and kinetic energy.


What can we do about animal testing?

Each year, at least 1 million animals are killed in testing laboratories. These animals include dogs, cats,mice, rats, pigs, birds, and many more. Some of these animals have holes drilled in their head while they are still alive, and conscious. My question about all of this is, why do we test on animals? If the products are for humans, why don’t we test on them? The animals have suffered enough at the hands of evil scientists.



In the picture above, is a healthy rat who has not been tested on. His name is Ron-Ron. (My rat) Ron-Ron eats vegetables and proper rat food, something testing animals never get. They are forced to suffer only to be paid back by humans putting toxic chemicals on them.

Image result for animal testing   To the left is a helpless mouse with its cute face and it appears to be very scared. A scientist is injecting the mouse with some sort of drug or chemical which is probably very dangerous to it.

 This poor dog looks as though it was mauled by a bear, but in reality, people used chemicals on it. This is a complete disregard for life, human or not.


20160129_210059.jpg This picture is of my dog, his name is Boe. He is incredibly healthy and he has beautiful teeth because we take good care of him.  He protects us because we protect him, I wouldn’t let anyone hurt him for a billion dollars.

20160104_141743.jpg The dog in this picture is also my dog, and her name is Tabitha. She is super pretty and loving. She was beat when she was younger before we had her, so she is scared of many things. I could never imagine her going through anything bad, it would break me. About a year ago she had babies.

 This is what it would look like if we did what we do to animals, to humans. Everyone can agree it is extremely cruel and nobody deserves that (unless they are a serial killer).

20150628_2035411.jpg This is my healthy cat, Daggy Poo-Poo Head. She is about 1 year old and I feed her Feline Holistic, it is one of  the healthiest cat foods out there. Animals deserve to be fed and not tested on, they weren’t born just to be poked and prodded.

 This poor monkey and her baby have been tested on. They are obviously missing fur, most likely because it was burned off due to the toxic chemicals.

20160123_182123.jpg Here is another picture of my kitty. She is very affectionate towards me because I don’t burn her fur off. She likes to sleep on my face, because she trusts me.

 When people say “beauty is pain” they mean that sometimes makeup can be uncomfortable for us. But how do you think the test animals felt?????? It’s ridiculous how we only think about our own convenience.

We have to do something about this testing. It is absolutely incomprehensible how if most people wouldn’t be able to do these types of things to other humans, how could they do it to sweet innocent animals? Animals are brought into the world not really understanding concepts besides eating and surviving. Humans are the only ones who purposely hurt and kill other humans/animals just for the fun of doing it. (hunting). If we did that to another human it would be considered murder. It’s just not fair. The first steps we should make towards changing the cruelty towards animals is first, getting rid of circuses. It is well known that the circus does not treat their animals well. Another thing we could do is stop using animal fur or skin for our clothes and accessories, it’s not necessary.  In order for progress to happen, we all need to chip in. We need to make the change.







Brainstorming on photography and truth

In my photography and truth essay, I plan on talking alot about how pictures very rarely ever tell the truth. This is because a picture might be worth a thousand words, but it is only worth 1 second as well. You never know what happened right before or right after that picture was taken.

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